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How to Replace a Section of Guttering on your Toronto roof

How to Replace a Section of Guttering on your Toronto roof

If you’ve got a damaged bit of guttering, like this, water is just going to pour out every time it rains. So I’m going to show you how you can fix it yourself. We’re going to replace this damaged section of guttering up to the closest joiner. To do this, I’m going to use a fine-tooth pulse saw. Also I’m going to slip a couple of blocks into the gutter. This is going to help stiffen it up when I cut. Start to cut the old guttering in a smooth up-and-down motion. Make sure to keep the strokes even so you don’t crack any of the existing guttering. Now I’m just going to unclip the gutter. To Next, carefully remove the gutter clips from the fascia. Now before we glue on our jointed bracket, I’m just going to clean out the end. And it’s a good tip to throw a rag in the guttering to stop any water coming over us while we’re working. Next is to apply our PVC welding cement inside our bracket, applying a liberal amount. Then we fix that into our guttering. This joiner is the link between our old and new guttering.

Now before we put on our gutterings clips, we’ll just clean the fascia up a little bit. This is also a good time to give the fascia a paint, if you wish. We’re also going to replace the down pipe, so we’re going to take out the dropper and put a new one in it’s place. When removing the down pipe, be careful not to damage the exterior of the house.

So next, let’s just throw up our dropper onto our existing guttering. That depicts our height of our back plate. Let’s put a mark with pencil exactly where the back plate lands. Take off our dropper. Now we’re just going to fix that with a stainless steel screws. So now we need to run a line from our back plate onto our joiners. So now we’re just going to run a chalk line. This is going to show us exactly where our gutter brackets go. I’m going to put up our gutter brackets using our stainless steel screws. We’re about to clip on our dropper. Now when we put this on, we don’t actually need any pipe cement glue on it, so it allows for expansion. OK, now we need to measure up for our length of guttering. Cut it and fit the new length of guttering into the gutter clips. Put gutter cement onto the joint, and clip it in. Assemble the new down pipe in exactly the same way as the old one.

This will make sure the lengths are absolutely correct. Then clip the down pipe into the dropper, and away you go. Screw the support brackets into the original holes. In case the section you’re replacing is a corner, here’s what you’ll need to do. Hook your tape onto the corner of the fascia. Measure back to the center of the closest joiner, and add on the distance from the front of the fascia to the back of the guttering. Now that’s going to allow for the corner piece to slide in. And one final tip. When fixing a corner, make sure that the fall from the corner to the dropper is at least five millimeters for every 10 meters of guttering. For all your guttering needs, pop down to Mitre 10, and check out the Easy As stand..

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